A belly session today already constitutes a classic event in the life of almost every mom, but not always both parents. I personally believe that it is good if both parents participate in this day, and create a collective called a family. We’ve organized a session which was divided into two days because it was carried during the 9th month of pregnancy.

We’ve chosen sunrises and sunsets as well as two clothing style configurations. One constituted a manifest of the seriousness of the situation, and the second a version of what we wear in our souls each day and how we live. Carrying out the session is one thing, but we still enjoyed it like little kids. It was a beautiful and spiritual time when our souls were able to meet and be there for themselves, looking deep into the eyes, dreaming about the child, and every beautiful thing that has happened to us. We were not thinking about the camera. An open air session with clean air allows for it, while a studio constitutes an option which is not interesting. In a studio a person is unable to forget where he or she is. Beautiful sessions are also carried out underwater, while pregnant and wearing a dress, but we haven’t decided for such a session because of the colder ocean water. Virgin beaches and high cliffs allowed us to get closer to nature and discover the power of God’s creation. We believe that our feelings, especially the feelings of the mother, are recorded deep in the subconscious of our daughter and later impact her perception of the world. We’ve taken advantage of a drone session with which we took beautiful perspective shots. We also used a mattress in the form of wings which I used to lay down on top of the water and waves. At the very end we were able to capture my body with the belly at the edge of the ocean. These will be unforgettable photos for us, ones which already found an honorable spot in the ancestral book where we post photos and describe specific events. And for our child it will surely be pleasant to see what we’ve done for her and how we recorded that state in a magical way.

If you have such an opportunity and most importantly the will to do so, we recommend that you organize a belly session. Some moments cannot be brought back and they are the ones most important in life. A baby lives and feels already in the belly. It lives through everything you do. It is a highly spiritual experience and worth organizing because it provides something more for the soul and heart than just photos for the eyes.



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