The Children of New Earth are all children. It’s them that we should listen to. They know more than we do. Nowadays there are more and more highly empathetic and have intuitive knowledge about life that’s hardly conceivable to us. You might say that they have it easy, but I assure you that it’s not always better to be the guide, the teacher, the master; sometimes it’s better to be the apprentice.

The challenge for the „lighter” is to find out “why they’re here” and what Is their mission in the world, for New Earth to arise. What a paradox it is that we live in such a consumptionist world, systemized, based on set rules that are not beneficial to the society at all. Although we have the illusion of healthy individuals, the entire society doesn’t exist as it lacks the bonds of relations, feelings, love. Modern coaches teach us: “Be successful, don’t listen to anyone, don’t look back at others, go your own way like you’ve planned, straight to the goal, then you’ll be happy”. Well, that’s nonsense and children of the new era can feel it.  The know that the system of education, healthcare, and work are actually a kolkhoz and turning people into robots. These children are the future of the world, they are the destroyers of all pointless systems, those that are devoid of independence and integrity, they destroy everything that deprives you of contact with the world, diminishes your divinity, clips your wings. And hail to them for that. It’s a new army that will change the world towards the truth. Their job is sometimes painful, like every situation, in which you go against the current, and you are not deprived of humanity and you have the ability of empathy. So my request to the parents of those children is to support and observe them, to empathize with their feelings and premonitions, in what they desire, for it is crucial to give them adequate environment for their charismas to develop, allowing their mission to be fulfilled. Those Creatures have to manifest themselves on Mother Earth, remember who they are and why they are here, regain their spiritual form and put their knowledge to proper use. Not all of them think about the challenges that await them and how much maturity and responsibility they will have to show, not only for themselves but for other people as well, that emotions and lack of control are not for them. They were born to do great things. Until we are all born again, each of us on their own, up to full and conscious responsibility.

These people awaken early to live in accordance with nature, they aren’t keen on negative escalation of emotions. They love harmony. They have great intuition. They quickly acquire multiple new skills. They have empathy for plants and animals and all living creatures, they often choose vegetarianism on their own and are fully aware of the flawed system that works against life. They remember more beautiful worlds and connect with them telepathically. Their senses are strongly developed, they are creative prodigies. They open people’s eyes to the truth,

One of the tasks of those children will be to integrate themselves inside of themselves, reject all that doesn’t serve life, and start a new Tribe in accordance with the rules of New Earth. It doesn’t have to be a Family built from the members of the “blood” family. What matters is that the Tribe consists of people who are aware and “pure” in spirit, harmless for our Mother Planet Earth, to make us feel comfortable with them, to be able to create life with them in integrity and sovereignty. It’s the most beautiful thing to create a family village, to find one’s place on Earth, in times when there are fewer and fewer virgin places, take a common direction there and share the mission. It always takes some time to understand numerous schemas and dependencies, and synchronize with higher vibrations, but once those people adjust themselves to the frequency of light and love, there will be no obstacles left in us, and those around us can’t touch us, we just accept the fact that contradictions and contrasts exist, and that in the end they work in our favor J In the process of reminding us of ourselves, we also connect with our ancestors, forgive our parents, as they had raised us as well as they could, we can thank them, and if we hold any grudges let’s always think how they could have had complicated relations with their parents. Nobody is to blame, radical forgiveness, deep inside the heart is indispensable and crucial in the process of transformation. There are many thing you cannot explain to yourself “with your head”. After getting in touch with ancestors, for “blood” family roots to support us there will come a time for establishing communication of love with nature, for what we eat to serve us, to feel what we need and hear signals both from Mother Earth and from our own organisms. An important process is also to harmonize two energies – yin and yang, I’m not going to discuss it in details now but I assure you that this matter is key, especially if we want to harmoniously coexist in a group and in harmony with our partners, the basis is to find peace and order inside of ourselves.

It’s all the more important for healthy energy to be around us, in our area, but also for our creation to be healthy, and our fruit ripe. Also when we want to produce strong and healthy offspring. This process starts long before getting pregnant, every step is important, especially spiritual motherhood, as I like to call it – pre-creation. It’s also crucial to work on our relations with our kindred fire before we start the process of creation, as there are no emotionally healthy children when the relationship isn’t healthy. It’s women who bear responsibility for awakening/activating their beloved partner, with whom the new family will start.

For the new times, I wish you plenty of mindfulness in watching the children that we take care of  on behalf of the World.


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