Photoshoot is a beautiful and unforgettable event for the whole family. You can then give it away to your loved ones for Christmas. We will show you how a session with a professional photographer in the studio looks from the back. Always on websites and in social media, you can see what it looks like only after taking the photos, these are the best shots, but in fact the session is a lot of unsuccessful shots, which are for sure a sacrifice for the mother and the child for several hours. The session lasts 2-3 hours. The most important thing is that the baby sleeps as much as possible, because this is a session for the newborn, not for the baby. The baby is arranged in a special way during sleep and can sleep while taking pictures. If the baby is awake and restless, you can give breast milk to make him feel calmer and find himself in this new situation.

Baby was 3 weeks here.

We will also show you what the difference is between a 3-week-old child and a child who had sessions for 8 months in the same studio. The session then usually lasts a short time, the child likes it, he likes being in the lens, has his eyes wide open, the most important thing is that you take your child’s drinks and snacks for the photo session. It is not forgotten when the child’s father accompanies you, sometimes both parents need support when the child and mother are tired. Then the photographer can also capture several family shots.

It is worth getting ready for the session in advance to prepare clothes for all participants. If it concerns only a child, clothes will usually be waiting in the studio if the photographer is involved in straight photography of newborns and toddlers. You will find such studies by entering the phrases Newborn Photography on the Internet or in social media.

Remember to stock up on wipes and diapers for sessions and water for you and milk for the baby. It wasn’t long hours.

If you want to arrange a session for your baby in the clothes you choose, we recommend you to buy clothes for the session for newborns and babies at https://nefstore.com/product-category/baby/baby-photossesion/

It’s best to measure your newborn baby before you buy the clothes, because everyone can have different dimensions than those presented in the standard size charts.

It is good to check the photographer’s portfolio before the session to be sure what you will get for the effect after the session.

You can also think of a dress that you will wear with your baby or when you are in the blessed state of pregnancy https://nefstore.com/product-category/mother/photosession/ .

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