I would like to recommend you a baby bathtub, which is a hit for us. I asked a lot of mothers about her and they have the same opinion. The Shnuggle company was inspired by the famous Shantala model, because that is its popular name. In this form, children can be bathed in a semi-sitting position, theoretically from 0-6 months. Opinions about the spine in this position differ from day one. My advice is to bathe your baby in this position from the second month of life. Earlier it is bad for the spine and unstable head. Between 1-2 months of age, I suggest using a normal bathtub in a supine position and with an insert where the baby is comfortable for the head and body, and you do not have to hold it.Below you will see what a convenient stand for this bathtub is and how easily it can be successfully taken on a journey. The photos show a child who was bathed in salt water on the beach, because the bathtub in the car does not take up much space. Especially when it was a van vacation and a long trip across Europe.

At auctions in our store, which selects new and good smart solutions for you, you will also find other bathtubs that take up even less space.



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