Extra Milk? Give Your Baby a Relaxing Breast Milk Bath

Take advantage of your extra liquid gold by giving your little one a milk bath – and all of the topical benefits and healing properties that your breast milk provides. Here’s how to get started:

Try a Breast Milk Bath to Give Baby More Benefits from Liquid Gold!

By now, you know all about the benefits of breast milk and how it protects and nourishes your baby, while supporting his or her wellness. Giving your little one a breast milk bath is just another way to take advantage of your amazing liquid gold – which has plenty of topical benefits and healing properties, in addition to its nutritional benefits. Because of your breast milk’s fat content, using it in a warm bath can be especially relaxing for your baby due to its exceptional moisturizing ability. The fatty acid components help lock in moisture and prevent itchy, irritating dryness. This means that it can help sooth little ones who may be experiencing occasional dry skin (especially common during cold winter months), infant eczema, baby acne, diaper rash, and even cradle cap.

If you have extra breast milk on hand and want to ensure it doesn’t go to waste, consider giving your baby an occasional breast milk bath! Here are some tips and pointers to consider:

Run your baby’s bath and dilute the water with just enough breast milk to make it cloudy, usually anywhere from 5 – 10 ounces (depending on how much water you fill the tub with).
Bathe your little one as you normally would, but be sure to gently pour the breast milk bathwater over their skin using a small cup or by wringing out a saturated washcloth. If your baby has any specific problem areas, pay careful attention to them and be sure to pour some breast milk water over those areas. You can also gently pat them with your saturated washcloth, if it doesn’t cause further irritation or discomfort to your baby.
Let your little one soak and play in their breast milk bath – be sure to have some bath toys on hand to make it fun! – for at least 10 – 20 minutes. There’s no need to rinse him or her with regular bathwater before taking them out and drying them off. This can also be a gorgeous opportunity for a unique photo op!
When helping your baby out of their breast milk bath, gently dry him or her with a clean towel and massage a little moisturizing lotion into their skin to further prevent dryness – just be sure it’s a baby-safe lotion, or you can even make your own breast milk lotion in advance!
Have you given your little one a breast milk bath and noticed a difference after? Share your tips with other breastfeeding moms on Facebook! At Medela, we are committed to supporting moms so they can continue providing breast milk to their babies for as long as they choose. Don’t forget to share all the creative, fun ways that you’re using your breast milk supply and making sure that your baby receives your liquid gold. Your breast milk feeding journey is a labor of love and something to be very proud of, so make sure none of that precious liquid gold goes to waste!



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