For us, getting pregnant was more than a coincidence, it was also more than scheduling a baby in time. It was a long process of preparing our energy, bodies, psyche and adjusting to each other in a partnership relationship, preparing the environment for the birth and first years of a child.

The last weeks of the blessed state were different from the previous ones. Divinity or the Higher Being of our Child led us from kind friends in exile to an exquisite midwife for home births. She was a guarantee for professional delivery. Currently, the birth weight of children is increasing. Our daughter waited two weeks for us, she was born much larger than we thought. Although my husband and I were also born with a weight of 4,200 grams. Marijam had her plan to come according to the moon phase, we didn’t want to rush anything, we had full confidence in fate. We were under stress and the baby’s CTG flow was good, but it turned out to be in the best condition. The placenta and the waters were still fresh as well.

When one day my water and mucus plug began to break, and my uterine contractions slowly began, my husband and I were fully ready. He previously prepared a minimum of infrastructure for natural childbirth, I took care of building the atmosphere around this event, so that in difficult moments I could look at our photos from the period of pregnancy or beautiful moments for two, I took care of the selection of music and the atmosphere of the environment. The trial took twenty hours, but it was a spiritual time. In the face of pain, I felt that I was united with all the women, mothers who were before me, that they were leading me into this depth of feelings and the rights of primal mothers. As time went on, I started to get used to the contractions and began to drown in the experience. I did the first contractions on a rubber ball and the next ones on the ground and in the pool. I wasn’t thinking about being tired. The most important thing for me was to let go of rationality and flow in this experience. The questions from the mind began to let go. Time passed, my uterus opened more and more so that the baby could come into the world. My husband was very supportive, he was with me all the time. He performed a lower back massage in the water to reduce my pain. He brought me dates and a drink according to the Peruvian recipe to supplement the calories, which turned out to be very important for gaining new strength. Eventually the contractions were still ahead of me.

Recipe for a drink:

-dried bay leaf





-mineral water

– a dried avocado leaf

– chocolate 95% cocoa

– raspberry leaf powder

Make a decoction.

For me, the greatest comfort was that the person closest to me is with me, that he participates in 100% of the entire event, so important for our family. After some time, I can see and feel how on every level it strengthened us even more and tightened our unbreakable bond. How my husband appreciates that I gave birth to his daughter, how mature he is today and ready for her birthday. To cultivate and develop it together and to take care of us after childbirth. And I appreciate him for this commitment, sacrifice and cold blood in difficult moments.

The essential aspect was that I was in a home setting and familiar with me. Of course, each of us has a different psyche, the hospital seems to be a professional place and you can also feel confident in it. However, I did not want anesthesia, I did not want to go to the hospital, I did not want to speed up the processes of nature. Doula checked the baby’s pulse all the time. For the Baby it is a great and difficult experience. We were prepared to go to the hospital if the need arose. I recommend that you have a bag with the necessary things ready and a statement about how you want to give birth – that there is to be a loved one in the room or not, that you want to take the placenta home, so that the doctor does not cut the umbilical cord too quickly, or if you prefer anesthesia and vaccinations for after childbirth. We got to know the hospital and doctors earlier, just in case.

Necessary things for a bag worth having in the trunk of the car:

– muslin diapers

– disposable bamboo diapers

– wet wipes, preferably with thermal water

– blanket / quilt

– clothes for a child and a hat


-a towel for you and your baby

– flip flops

– a change of underwear for you and postpartum pads

– changing clothes

– you need organic cosmetics, remember that it is better not to use anything chemical with your baby. The child has a strong sense of smell, detergents can irritate and sensitize them. Be as saute as possible

– dry calorie snacks, such as dried fruit, dark chocolate, sesame seeds, rice wafers, will come in handy after such effort

-mineral water and juices

– camera, phone and charger

-documents: proof, health book, insurance.

Let’s go back to lotus childbirth. The placenta is born by the mother, preferably within half an hour after the most beautiful moment of laying your baby on your breast. The placenta and the cord of the umbilical cord are not cut, but left with the baby until the cord falls off by itself, usually after 7 days. You need to prepare well for the maintenance of the placenta, as it is a living organ, still pulsating with blood. You need a wooden bowl with a diameter of 30-40 cm filled with salt and rosemary, a linen cloth to wrap it, and a strainer and cold boiled water to clean your child’s home of blood. In this bowl, the placenta will spend the next days with the baby, salt and rosemary should be replaced.

For me, it is a trandensal experience that has totally transformed my heart even more. I look at many issues differently now. In the face of this event and the time I could be in the experience, I had the opportunity to reevaluate many views, rethink the temporal and irrelevance of many things in my life, in which so far I have invested my precious time and energy, which is now only for my family.

As a doula now, I want to tell you that some of the good homeopathic products if You have Steptococcus Aureus worth taking at the end of the last trimester are:

Broccoli and garlic in tablets :




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