Wouldn’t it be beautiful to travel all our lives, admiring Mother Earth with your family, being close to them and close to nature, strengthen family roots, awaken a new kind of awareness, deepen everyday experiences?

It crossed my mind a few years ago to start visualizing such thought and image. When my husband and I crossed paths for the first time, we knew right away that we were meant to be together. There was no rational force that could stop what began when we first looked into each other’s eyes. We tried to fight this feeling of having known each other “since forever” and for always, but destiny kept on reminding us every step of the way to not let ourselves part and go our own separate ways.

There were many difficult moments, but today I already know that there’s a reason for everything. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. I always believed in it, but it’s the most difficult thing to find yourself in a tough situation and manage to “let go” of thinking and start feeling. To trade your independence and strong character for conscious co-dependence, at your own will, without pressure from your partner. Then it’s the most interesting thing when you have to believe, trust, understand the plan, and though it’s not always easy to understand at the time, it’s worth it to be patient and look at everything “from above”. I’ve managed to win many times with my own mind and prosaic thoughts that haunted me. And my prize today is a mutual vision that my husband and I share, without trying to take power away from each other. My husband spent numerous years in a financial system and he was good at it, so it was all the more harder for him to leave behind business and corporate life for the sake of me and our mission, for the sake of real, vivid life, which he hadn’t led for many years. He watched me and understood that what he was doing wasn’t good or real, and moreover – necessary for a person to be happy, as our happiness lies somewhere else.

He realized that a big house is an empty house and that expensive holidays in a five-star hotel, contrary to appearances and fashion, are pretty worthless and ordinary holidays. He was opposing and admiring in turns. There were many such examples in different spheres of life. I was happy with small things and fleeting moments that I call happiness, as they are intangible. He got excited with big things, visible to the eye, tangible. He started believing long ago in the value of money where one doesn’t have it. He fell into the trap of thinking that his value was measured by his achievements. Why am I saying this? I’m referring to one case, in which money had the wrong meaning and although we don’t need to reject money or radically protest against the system, faith in money and success is invalid at its core. Long conversations about it allowed us to reach interesting conclusions, and what is more, we created a mutual vision based on my and his desires to raise children of New Earth, in freedom, closeness and happiness, where there are no rat races or loneliness of children that comes from parents being separated from them by work. We saw work as everyday life that children actively participate in – taking care of the garden, digging in plant beds, looking after household animals, making products for our shop, and lecturing people to make them aware that everything can simply be life, being present here and now, not having to share with your kids or your partner, and not having to divide your time into work and “not work”.

For me, YOU + ME = HOME = LIFE. And so I wouldn’t be able to live with a man that I love in autonomy and separation coming from the earthly system, as the Holy Spirit of our Father God and the Holy Mother want us to have One Body, if we decide to unite in pure love, it’s indispensable to unite the flame of love and there is no place anymore for decisions coming only from ME without looking at US. But what to do in order to create reality together, experience it together? For sure you have to “match”, it’s the first and most important step towards being present and living in harmony, shaping yourselves in the fire of obstacles, being open to change, gaining new customs and giving up your old self in order to become a new person. Accepting the toll of change according to the saying “If every rub irritates you, how do you ever get polished?”

But what do we live on and in what way?

Hence my first question above that touches the vision of Family of New Earth and the Family we wish to create together. Maybe YOU SHOULD AS WELL, as you also are a CHILD OF GOD, WE ALL ARE. I was born with this feeling and always knew that I would meet the man who I was meant to be with, with whom I would create the space of love. I waited patiently without building serious relationships with anyone, until I felt that He wanted a similar vision more than I did.

When we met, we surprisingly had identical desires and very similar plans, and how much we “took each other’s words out of our mouths and hearts” was unimaginable and better that I had ever dreamed. He told me that he was unable to fulfill his visions with anyone else before. For us, nothing mattered more than this feeling and the desire that he had and that I had, which is still guiding us today. And boom!

The first meetings and dates passed on exchanging thoughts and feelings, we had a telepathic connection and a whirlpool of emotions that we were unable to find in anyone else without each other. It’s a force that can build anything you want, a creative power that comes from uniting a man and a woman in destiny filled with love. After the first “butterflies”, when emotions calmed down, we started to make plans and fulfill them. We have to deal with the fact that we live in a country where weather doesn’t satisfy us. Moreover, we both love to travel and to experience God’s creations in every tiny leaf, grass, tree, in every animal we see, in the smell of nature, in all elements, every manifestation of God’s beauty. Before we met, My Love was unable to travel the way we’re doing it now together – cheap, yet cheerful and truly worthy. Now we found a common model of traveling, and as connoisseurs of the Works of Creation, we’re thinking about raising “children on the road”. So that they can experience as much as possible on the road, so that we can teach them on our own, so that they can have fun without being educated in classrooms, for them to be able to experience various familiar cultures, learn languages in practice. It’s bold, but whenever I think how bold it is to live in the Matrix and believe in illusionary safety, my thoughts immediately drift back to our plans. We are thinking of constant travelling, for our home to be stable and for us to always be together, and only for the neighborhood and environment to change. The weather changes, but it’s beautiful and evokes positive emotions. That’s exactly why I want to share my idea, since I can probably find more couples that love each other and have a higher sense of purpose, and want to manifest in a manner that’s unusual in today’s world, yet so natural from the perspective of nature. Couples that want to experience together, be closer to each other for a longer time, feel and act together, create, spread beauty around, creating their own space of love.

Every child comes into this world with own predispositions and genetic traits, with their mission for the world and their Maker, so as parents we have to be ready to welcome the Child and be certain that we want to fulfill our role, giving and completely devoting ourselves. Other souls that wish to experience for their own sake, should not bring children into the world. My partner and I keep talking about children and raising them, about parental mistakes, about flaws of the educational system about how we can start and introduce a new parental vision in proximity, maybe even in a community of people that follows the principles of sovereignty and integrity. A community where everybody has their duties and activities, and uses their talents for its sake.

Children posing for the camera inside van

I’m convinced that it’s the right direction and it can be useful for you and your Children as well, and most of all influence the development of awareness of more human beings that appear to raise the vibrations of the Earth and consciousness in a direction that will be the consequence of such responsible and harmonious behavior. Of course, this takes courage and sacrifice, putting everything at stake and shifting priorities, for many of us it takes changing the habits and convictions that were taught to us since we were little. It also takes unbroken faith in the validity of this concept, which is not standard nor accepted by the system. It is not easy either, as everything that seems exceptional takes organic work and plenty of engagement at its foundations. It’s still worth it, as what’s at stake is the new opportunity to raise a new army of children that can be free and happy; instead of new slaves of the system, they can be those who will change a part of human mentality and raise awareness. This is my dream and I feel it’s pretty real.

To answer my question from the first paragraph, definitely YES! It would be wonderful! But what about rational questions of the mind? What about the education of my child, what are we going to we live on, where are we going to live?

I’ll answer those questions soon, when everything becomes reality 🙂


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