It is a total innovation! And how wonderful, because it is close to nature. Contrary to appearances, the products are durable. We love them because parents give feedback that these toys and furniture, even if a child walks around the house and garden with them, do not disturb the space with their appearance, they are consistent with the rest of the interior. You know how it is when a child leaves a stroller in the toilet or in the living room and you still stumble over it …:D

They have been popular in Australia for many years, adults decorate their homes with rattan and bamboo furniture, and children have practically copies of these furniture at home. They match the pompous grasses in the apartment and the white bohemian interiors. Children have a lot of colorful plastic items anyway, so it’s good to put a colorful doll or teddy bear in such a rattan pram. More and more parents around the world choose wooden toys and ecological accessories, painted with child-friendly dyes. Alternatively, they choose a friendly silicone. You can find all such products here in the store. Most of the rattan and bamboo products come from Indonesia, specifically Bali. Shipping is not easy or cheap, however we try to ship our products and designs all over the world for you from the best suppliers and manufacturers who make this beautiful artisan handicraft.


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