After 9 months of prenatal development and taking care of every single detail of living in grace, there comes the long-awaited and miraculous day of birth. Acceptance of New Life is a big event for every Family, and engagement of the future Mom and Dad is at its peak.

And then again we can choose the way we are going to welcome our offspring into the world – whether we want to make use of the achievements of modern medicine by giving birth in a big hospital, choose a smaller private hospital with good labor conditions, or get closer to Mother Nature and do it like our grandmothers and their grandmothers.

A lot of independent research shows that giving birth in a natural environment, especially in water, gives the child the perfect and smooth transition from the safe inner world to the outside world. What does our newborn feel then? What does it see and hear? What faces and environment will welcome your child?

The choice is ours, be it a sterile room with surgery lamps directed straight into its eyes, with a few strangers whose voices it had never heard before, surrounded with metal objects like cold  pliers and other “tools”, or will it be the face and voice of its father that it has heard for the last 9 months, the mother’s caring hands, dimmed lights and nice warm water and wonderful music that it has already heard many times.

It would seem that the choice is simple, but fear keeps many women and their partners from making an honorable decision and choosing natural labor conditions for the child and the mother. The number of traditional, natural births, oftentimes even in nature, increases along with the awakening in us and longing for New Earth. More and more Parents are aware and make such a choice, devoting plenty of time for planning this moment, correctly assuming that every single move matters, and Life is the greatest value, not only in words but also in actions.

Natural birth is the best thing you can do for your wellbeing, for your child and for your future family.  Obviously, such childbirth should take place in a natural environment and close to family that supports the woman in labor in front of the house where the childbirth takes place. The husband is right next to his wife and receives the baby as the Father. On the threshold or inside the house, there should be burning fire. The child doesn’t experience post-birth shock, the woman has motherly instincts if she handles herself well and is healthy, there is no danger for her or the child. There are a few forms of natural childbirth:

– in a wooden tub and warm water, a midwife can also take care of the delivery, or be nearby if complications arise. It is important for the child not to cut the umbilical cord off after birth to let the blood oxygenate, and to let the child receive all the best substances. We put the placenta after washing it from clots into a bowl with a strainer to drain, and we do not cut off the umbilical cord until it falls off. Sometimes, we drench it with water so that the cord doesn’t dry out and stays flexible. The lotus birth is a topic that deserves attention and necessary for the child not to have bad birth-related experiences. The placenta can be buried under a chosen tree in honor of the Newborn, so that it is forever united with Mother Earth and its Mother Land.

On this topic, I highly recommend parts of “Anastasia” books by Vladimir Megre – like “The Ringing Cedars of Russia”.

With dolphins; before the birth you can tame them, sing to them, a pool with dolphins is an option, but you can also find wild dolphins at sea and build a pool, in which the woman floats safely on water, and dolphins support her and welcome the newborn child. They like at a lot – dolphins are highly developed creatures with well-developed senses and they are not dangerous; children born in water like that, which is a natural environment, and welcomed by dolphins are calm, more connected to nature, strong. Dolphins produce specific sounds, singing during birth to welcome the new person. Research conducted in places like Hawaii and Russia showed the beneficial influence of that on the development of a little human being.

Making life decisions consciously, we need to think about what birth environment to choose for our awaited Child. We have a choice!



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