For us – a New Earth Family, accepting a baby into the world does not constitutes something ordinary, just like bringing it up is not that obvious – something one does by the way. It is a priority. That is why during pregnancy one goal was so important for us – so that each event and activity is performed and directed in accordance with a leading thought that we will become parents and soon a new member of the team will travel and experience things with us.




One of the events which we’ve regarded as a ritual for our daughter consisted in painting the belly during the 9th month of pregnancy – the belly in which the fruit of our love developed. Somehow, as a woman, I strongly felt a primal instinct to carry out this ritual already when I was 4 months pregnant. Today I am proud to have photos and a video of it – we will surely show it to the baby when it gets older. We believe that strengthening the child’s awareness of the importance of the pregnancy and birth itself, constitutes an important educational aspect and a peculiar form of continuing the family. It turned out that the date which we’ve chosen for painting the belly – September 25th 2018 – constitutes a full moon referred to as a full moon harvest, appearing after the equinox of September 22nd.

We’ve taken all prepared items to our car – things we personally thought we needed. These were instruments, wood for a small fire, a chisel and hammer, blankets, candles, and anti-allergenic body paints by JOVI®. When we came to the spot, a cave hollowed out in a cliff next to a wide and empty ocean beach, we arranged the blanket so that I could comfortably lay on my back while my husband and the baby’s godmother were able to paint on my belly. They’ve painted an image I previously saw in a dream during my 7th month of pregnancy when, I believe, a portion of the woman’s dreams is taken over by the dreams of the childJIt consisted in a girl sprouting out from a white lotus flower, symbolizing innocence and fragility, with golden features and wearing a coronet made from Hawaiian flowers, with light coming out of her head. Next to her there was a dolphin which supported her in her coming out to the world and development. Above them there was the turquoise space of ether.

We’ve lit a scented candle and started painting. It was 5:00 PM and we had two hours until sunset. We’ve carried out an intention prayer with the hands of Michał and the godmother on my belly. We started to paint the design. It was a remarkable feeling when two close people took care of me and the child, in a unique way devoting their time and will. The baby was calm and gave me endorphins during the entire process. I felt my heart opening and transforming the energy of love.

After two hours we all stood up by the sunset to capture my beautifully painted belly on photos and to meet the full moon.

We’ve arranged stones into beautiful pyramids, organized a magical fire, turned on the music which we ourselves accompanied by playing instruments, and began to perform a belly dance in favor of the child. I felt that when dancing I began falling into a state which carries me, takes me through my femininity, and connects me with my daughter. I felt that my husband observes me and is entwined by our love and the connection between the mother and daughter.

Finally the time came for the chisel and hammer with which my husband and the child’s godfather engraved a meaningful and significant symbol in a stone along with the date of the event. Our daughter will always be able to go there and feel the energy of that day and engravings.

After the ritual and dances by the fire, still wearing our clothes we all entered the ocean which on that evening went as far into the depth of the water’s infinity as we’ve never seen it before. The atmosphere was magical, complete darkness, not a living soul in sight, with the oceanic air covering each of us. It was a highly uniting memory. The painting has been washed off and taken to the ocean with an intention which together with my husband we’ve expressed earlier. It was a powerful experience. The team taking the photos told us that it was a beautiful evening and their first chance to observe and participate in such an event. We recommend it to every couple expecting a child because it is a very spiritual event for everyone, but mostly for the mother and child.

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