Choosing a pram for a child is one of the most pleasant and most important decisions during pregnancy. We often take into account many factors, such as the weight of the stroller, ease of transport in the trunk of the car, comfort of use or aesthetic features.
For us, the most important were large wheels, which are perfect for driving along paths with uneven ground, convenience for our baby, a large and comfortable gondola, which can be additionally lined with leather.
The considerable appearance combined with the high quality of workmanship ultimately led us to the decision to buy a German stroller with over 50 years of tradition.

When using the cart, remember that our sweet fruit should be placed in changing positions, sometimes on the belly, sometimes on the back. Some Parents make the mistake of putting the child on its back and keeping it for many hours, remember that the stroller is primarily a means of transport, not a place where the child is to spend most of the time of the day.

A pram is also associated with long walks, as a father, I love morning walks to beautiful places such as cliffs and the port. These 2 hours spent with the baby are a great time for both of us. If only you can devote your father’s time to the baby walk, do not hesitate for a minute, take advantage of the unique chance that fate has given you.

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