It quickly turned out that we understand each other without words. We always felt that such love exists but we had to wait for it and doubt it just a bit. Michael for longer, and I a bit shorter, although seeing how the time flows rapidly as a couple, back then it felt like eternity…

After our first talks we felt a great sense of a mission and the will to fulfill it. I’ve already executed my mission for a few years before we met, in terms of my foundation for gifted children. As a teacher and former athlete I always loved to work with the youngest. Children are beautiful creatures and they also beautifully express and manifest themselves.

Surprisingly, some time before we met, my future husband also established a foundation for children and their balanced development. Both of our foundations included “Wings” in their names as a symbol of the never-ending capabilities of children and their development. Our foundations, “Wings for Talented Children” and “Wings Smith for Children” joined their forces and we began to act together. I followed one direction and he experienced a certain duality because he wanted to do something for the idea, as a man with a sensitive heart, and was unable to do so for many years because operating a business he rarely had the chance to follow emotions.

When we began to operate together and our actions more and more often interlocked, it all started to become more intense and take on speed. It was good for many aspects, but highly polishing for us. We sometimes clashed. But we weren’t discouraged and didn’t let go despite that it would be easier that way. We’ve survived in perfect condition through many storms, supporting ourselves on every level. In that difficulty we’ve found what we were really searching for before and weren’t unable to achieve with anybody else – the support and closeness within difficulty. We learned to have trust in uncertainty. Hope in the lack of perspectives. We finally achieved a different level of cooperation and interaction. Harmonious and coherent.

Then we felt that even thought we are able to achieve great things at a fast pace by fueling each other, the results give us joy just for a moment.

We came to a quite obvious conclusion that what we always discussed in our free time, that’s the thing we lack in order to be fully happy. And that we slowly begin to be ready to start our final preparations to accept a new responsibility of being parents. Parents who are not bothered by the child, who want to pass their experiences to the child and accompany it in discovering the world and its own capabilities. To become parents who have their own plan and engagement in the cycle of their issue’s balanced development. Parents for whom a holistic introduction of their child into the world with an awareness of its soul code, has a deeper sense.

In short, that is what our turbulent beginnings looked like. Beginnings during which from the missions of two foundations giving wings to talented children we moved to a smaller internal space of our family. A family of the new Earth which we feel we are, and which idea we wish to promote.

In the following posts it will be our pleasure to inspire you with our preparations for experiencing the blessed state.